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Inna Shimbaleva is a private piano teacher with a decade of teaching experience. She works with both beginners and advanced students who are preparing for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, ARCT diplomas, auditions, competitions, and festival appearances.

Ms. Shimbaleva helps her students achieve advanced technical and artistic levels, based on the Russian and European traditions; on a thorough and focused training. It begins with the basics and leads to developing good playing habits: correct sitting position, freedom of movement, flexibility of hands, musicality, and the beauty of the piano tone. Also, she instills a solid technical foundation by paying attention to studies, scales, and arpeggios. No matter how experienced the student is, Ms. Shimbaleva brings creativity and energy to each lesson, leading to a prompt yet profound musical progress.


茵娜(Inna Shimbaleva), 来自俄罗斯的钢琴老师,钢琴教育学硕士毕业,师从于李斯特的后人。 她严谨的教学方法, 丰富的教学经验和教学热情为她赢得了极好的声誉。无论学生处于哪个学习阶段, 茵娜老师总能通过每次授课, 激发学生学习钢琴的热情,挖掘出学生潜在的创造力,从而使学生的钢琴学习在短期内有迅速的进步。


Enrolling at the Altai State University in 2000, Inna Shimbaleva studied under the esteemed Ms. Elvira Rossinskay – once a student of Professor Mary Libenson, a descendant of the Franz Liszt school and sharing musical pedigree with Alexander Goldenweiser and Alexander Siloti.

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