Tuition fees are due and payable before the month starts. If no payment received during the first week of a month, your regular time will not be permanently held to your name.

Cheques are payable to Inna Shimbaleva. All regular lessons of the Academic year should be attended and paid for.

2021 FEES

30min - $40, 45min - $60, 1hour - $80


30min - $35, 1hour - $70



If a student missed a private lesson due to illness and the teacher was notified 24 hours in advance - every effort will be made to make it up.

Lessons missed for any other reason cannot be made up.




Every intended examinations and festival participation plan are not approved without prior consultation with the teacher. Notify about upcoming events and exams that you would like to take a minimum of 6 months in advance plus the time of any anticipated vacations for a period of more than 1 week.


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